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A home’s crawl space may be inspected as part of an overall home inspection during the selling of a property. Inspections allow both buyers and sellers to understand the current condition of the home. A crawl space inspection can also be performed if one wants to find out the current state of the space in order to determine if any repairs or maintenance is needed.

During a crawl space inspection there are several things the inspector is looking for. They will look at different areas to make a proper assessment of it’s condition. Once the inspection is complete the inspector can provide recommendations.

What gets inspected?

Infrastructure: One of the most important aspects of a home’s crawl space is it’s infrastructure. Proper infrastructure will ensure items such as electrical wiring, plumbing, and HVAC ducts are where they should be as well as in proper condition. Electrical wiring will be inspected to ensure they are functioning properly and secured as to not pose any potential hazards. Checking the plumbing to make sure it comes through the flooring will be an integral part, as will checking the HVAC ducts for secure attachment.

Ventilation: Ventilation is another important detail that an inspector will look at. Proper ventilation is extremely important for the safety and overall efficiency of the home. An inspector will check the intake vents for blockages. They will also check that the vents can provide proper ventilation for the size of the home.

Floors: An inspection can tell a lot about the condition of the crawl space by looking at the floors. Wood floors that have fallen victim to moisture can be an obvious sign of issues within the crawl space. Floor boards and nails will be inspected for any moisture damage. Signs of moisture damage would include rusty nails and wet wood. Bridging and joists will also be inspected to determine the condition of the floor’s framing. An inspector will also check and take note of structural anomalies that may threaten the ingenuity of the structure.

Insulation: A common problem within a home’s crawl space is water damage. Insulation that has incurred water damage will become less effective which can cause a multitude of problems. Flooding, moisture in the soil, and leaking pipes can all be damaging to insulation. All these issues will be noted by the inspector.

As mentioned earlier, the most common reason a crawl space is inspected is during the sale of a home. Buyers want to know what they are investing in and sellers come to understand issues that may need to be addressed before the sale is final. The crawl space of a home should not be neglected however. It is suggested that an inspection of the crawl space is completed every six months. These types of inspections can be completed on your own. Check the space for areas of mold or visible damage. If any of these things are apparent it is best to call in a professional for a more in depth inspection.

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