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You would never think about building a house without making sure it had proper insulation, what makes a crawl space any different? A crawl space can be referred to as the heart of a home. If problems arise down below, the effects can be felt throughout the entire house. When you make the decision to insulate your crawl space, you’re making the decision to ensure your home is efficient in multiple ways.

Insulating your crawl space provides another layer of protection against your home losing energy, and you losing your hard earned cash. When the crawl space is insulated, it creates a seal preventing heated or cooled air from escaping. Preservation of air quality and energy efficiency are also benefits to insulating your crawl space.

Vented crawl spaces were thought to be ideal as they can aid in moisture elimination. When vents are present and open, however, air could enter the crawl space thus introducing moisture. Insulation is able to be installed whether or not a crawl space has vents. Insulation such as spray foam insulation can be added to every crack and crevice of the space. The areas of the subfloor and floor joists will be the focus of installing insulation. Pipes and ducts will need to be insulated separately, but with the use of a spray foam this can be completed efficiently and effectively.

During the insulation of a crawl space, the vents should be covered and sealed in the winter months. Vents should be covered from the exterior or the home and sealed with some type of caulking. Sealing these vents will allow warm air to be kept inside the home instead of escaping.

On the contrary, open vents can allow moisture into the crawl space. Vented crawl spaces are seemingly practical as they can allow air to escape, but that same pathway can let water in. When the vents aren’t sealed moisture enters the crawl space and can cause condensation which leads to water damage. It is best to consult with a professional as to which option is best for your home.

Once insulation is installed in your crawl space it should be covered with a vapor barrier, or encapsulated, to prevent moisture from entering the area. Doing this will guarantee mold is stopped in its tracks.

Invest in the help of professionals when looking to insulate your home’s crawl space. Professionals can make sure the job is done correctly. They will also make sure that cleanup is handled properly and that the space is treated with fungicides to kill what cannot be seen with the naked eye.

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