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Insulation is by far the most effective way at keeping the temperature of your home under control. A lot of energy can be lost through your home’s crawl space, and poor insulation is the main culprit. Whether the goal is keeping the cool air in on a hot summer day, or keeping the cold air out during the winter months, the insulation of your home’s crawl space can help.

Keeping the air contained within your home is not a one size fits all job. There are many materials that will work much better as insulation than others. When the term “insulation” is thrown around many are quick to think of fiberglass as the top material to use. Fiberglass however, is actually not optimal for trapping in heat, especially in your home’s crawl space. Fiberglass is a poor choice for crawl space insulation because it doesn’t tend to stay put. In addition to that, fiberglass insulation can cause more harm than good. Due to its absorbent nature, fiberglass can actually soak up moisture. As the insulation holds in the moisture it can become a breeding ground for fungus and mold and can also damage the wooden structure of your home causing it to rot. Moisture within the flooring can also become a host for termites and other pests, which creates another set of problems. If your crawl space is currently insulated with fiberglass, it may be time to look into having it replaced. But what are your other options?

Spray foam insulation is by far the best choice when it comes to insulating your home’s crawl space. Spray foam insulation begins as two liquids and when mixed together becomes a wet foam. The wet foam expands filling in cracks and gaps along the walls and flooring. As the foam begins to dry it hardens, creating a barrier of protection for your home keeping any unwanted air from entering and preventing air from escaping.

Now that we understand what spray foam insulation is, let us have a look at some of the benefits:

  • Spray foam has an incredibly high R-value. This value is used to classify how effective a material is at preventing heat transfer. When compared to fiberglass it’s almost twice as effective.
  • Spray foam seals out moisture which helps prevent mold growth. This will protect not only the integrity of your structure, but the health of your family.
  • Spray foam dries solid. Due to this dense property it is effective at keeping pests out.
  • Spray foam is able to be directed into the smallest cracks and crevices of your crawl space, completely blocking all air flow, both in and out.

Spray foam insulation has many benefits, which is why it is today’s top choice for crawl space insulation. Spray foam is incredibly effective at preventing heat transfer, sealing out moisture and pests, and well as blocking air flow. When air flow is blocked it also creates an added benefit for your home’s HVAC system. Blockage of unwanted air flow prevents pollen and other airborne particles from needing to be filtered through your air conditioning system. Improved air quality to start is directly correlated to improved air quality once filtered through your home’s HVAC. When the system doesn’t need to work as hard, it cuts costs all around.

The bottom line is spray foam insulation is more expensive when compared to fiberglass, but it is much more effective. In addition to its effectiveness, spray foam has a life expectancy of 80+ years, which may be more than the life of your home. Call us today for a quote to replace and protect your home’s crawl space insulation with top notch spray foam.

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